How to keep growing?

It is human to avoid pain and seek comfort. Biologically we prefer our comfort zones. It feels good to stay in our cocoons. But our secret to growth lies outside our comfort zone.

The more time we spend outside our comfort zone the better our growth prospects are.

Here is a simple method to stay outside comfort zone

Keep a tab on the zone you are operating using a subjective five-star scale. “1” being very difficult and “5” being very easy.

If your rating is “5” then crank the difficulty a little and move to “4” as quickly as possible.

If you are ready for more challenge, crank up the difficulty by one more level and operate at three-star zone.

If you want to test the deep waters then have a coach or a guide or a mentor by your side as step one and then crank up the diffculty to two star or one star as a second step.

Warning: Do not go below three-star zone without a lifeguard aka coach.

🥂 to growth!

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