How to set your career values?

We have been exploring personal values this week. So far we have discussed Value Map, what is not values and what is values in this weekly series. Today we will wonder how to extend the concept of values to other areas of life like career.

Personal values set standards for your living. I realised core values is the best way to raise the bar of living.

If you would like to raise the bar of your living holistically, the concept of values can be extended to other areas of life as well. When the standards are extended to career, I call this as career values.

Your set might be very different from mine depending upon what you care about. As a designer a few things matter to me and they become my career values.

In other words values are incidental biases you create for your life. Here are the things I am biased at work.

10 things I care about when I play the role of a creative problem solver.

  1. Long term thinking and short term doing.
  2. Frugality and not cheapness.
  3. Sensibility over data.
  4. Strive for mastery.
  5. Idea at the center.
  6. Attention to detail.
  7. Bias for velocity.
  8. Being humane and empathetic at all times (especially tough times)
  9. Strong back bone.
  10. Meritocracy.

Irrespective of whatever projects I do, whichever client at whatever rates, whatever timelines  the above are my standards.

If there is one word that pulls all the above together, it is called strive for MAX POTENTIAL. The career values pushes me to do better at work and have an amazing work ethic.

🥂 to career values!

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