Integrated productivity, a POV

If you browse through the internet, every corner gives you a tip on how to be productive.

Some say write journals, some say have a not-to-do-list, some say get-things-done, some say be grateful and things will fall in place, some say schedule your calendar, some say turn off your phone notifications, some say just do one task in a day, some say stand & work and the list goes on.

"Some" keep "saying something" and  there is no dearth of productivity tips and tricks.

As a system designer it is my occupational hazard to think whole and parts together. It is hard for me to just focus on parts without the whole in the picture.  Just standing and working alone is not enough, just a bullet journal alone is not enough, just a gratitude dairy alone is not enough, just writing morning pages won't cut it. None of these tips will solve the problem holistically. Just one thing is not enough. Many "one things" have to come together and integrated into life on the whole.

Here are five principles to think about integrated productivty:

  1. There is life and everything happens within life including work, relationships, physical wellbeing, mental wellbeing, financial freedom and everything else.
  2. In a productive life, all elements of life must be considered. In other words no aspect of life can be ignored. If there is no life beyond work, think again.
  3. Productivity is a weave and not just a thread. Productive days compound into productive life. We need to think trees and forest at the same time.
  4. Balance is an act of inclusion. Irrespective of big or small aspects of life, they must be included.
  5. Productive life includes the unproductive tasks like relationship building and nurturing. Productive life needs not so productive things like decluttering (misogi), space, me time, relaxation and more.

In our productive life we want more happiness, family time, joy and friendship. In our produtive days we want to do lists, getting things done, priorities, efficiency and more. All our destination is the same (productive life) and why is our path not aligned (productive days) ?

🥂 to productive life!

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