Human life as an emoji-shell

Typically my value proposition lecture series spans across 10 weeks. I love the series because we get to explore all things human nature which we generally don't touch upon in product management or product design or product marketing or value communication.

In this series, I start with the (hu)man and end with the market. We explore the human desirability in its depth during these sessions. We understand the met, unmet, articulated, unarticulated needs and desires of a human being. We deep dive into the core human drives that drive us as a species. Finally we connect the human desirability with business viability and that is when rubber meets the road.

I challenged myself today morning to put out a human desirability without any words and I ended up with this.

Human Desirability

Remember, user is never wrong. It is always the design process.

So you cannot go wrong in interpreting a 10 week lecture in 10 emojis. Write back to me with your observations when you find a moment. Would love to hear from you.

🥂 to challenge!

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