Summary - Human Nature

It brings me immense satisfaction to conclude the Human nature series today.

A few months ago, I conducted a WriteIn30 challenge for knowledge workers. During the masterclass, I gave a rather innocent comment to the entire cohort to write a timeless series about any topic of their interest so that the topic can live long on the internet.

I wrote about writing for knowledge workers as a series during the WriteIn30 times, the comment of a timeless series lingered in me. I wanted to write about a topic significant for designers which is hardly discussed in school or cohorts or workplaces. Human30 series is just that. Though it is not 30 pieces like I originally intended, I am sure all the pieces make up in value if not in number.

So far, I never got an opportunity to discuss all the topics in my Psy101 modules and it usually leaves my students with a number of curious questions. This time, I created an opportunity in the form of this series to answer a few curious tabooed questions that come up after the sessions.

Personally, writing this series helped me connect multiple convoluted topics in a seamless manner.

Here is everything we discussed so far

Why Human Nature is important for designers: Day 1
How uniquely similar we are as a species: Day 2
The basis of all irrationality: Day 3
How to make the most of our unconscious: Day 4
Psychology of Human Misjudgement: Day 5
Getting back up after a fall (restarting the series after a hiatus): Day 6
3Ps of Human Nature: Day 7
Spirituality & Philosophy: Day 8
Why relationships matter: Day 9
Morality & Ethics: Day 10
The Psychology of Evil: Day 11
The Default Human: Day 12
Working with Self: Day 13
Working with Others: Day 14
While you are reading this, I will be in Vipassana in noble silence.

Hope this series helped you understand a little more about the marvellous creatures we are and have a little more empathy for yourself and people around you.

I am sure you have a ton of curious questions now. Jot them down. Send them to me by hitting reply. I will try and answer you when I get sometime.

🥂 to human nature!

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