As a designer, my job is to design for the human system and not against.

To do this I (and all designers) must understand the human system deeply. This is where cognitive science, behavioural science, anthropology, linguistics, semiotics and neuroscience comes into picture. It is a balancing act of using the right concepts/models/frameworks/laws in the right places. It is easy to get overwhelmed by the vastness and the intricacies of the subject. Deeply inside you know it because you are a human being. I have observed often designers struggle to articulate their understanding in words. This is where it gets tricky for you to hypothesise with conviction what your user/customer is going through. It is complex and challenging and that is why it is fun too.

This part of my job made me a curiosity machine. As a design educator, I constantly see my students struggling with the application of concepts in understanding the user, translating the understanding into the user interface or in storytelling why we should do what. It is human to jump into pixels as it is tangible and visible but a lot more happens before that.

Inspired by WriteIn30 method, I would like to share a short series on human nature in the next 30 days. My objective with the series is, you understand a little bit more about the human in us and develop empathy for yourself. You can extend the same to your customer/partners and stakeholders. Awareness gives you empathy. Empathy changes your action.

Let's build a world that is a little more kinder, compassionate and empathetic. It starts here and now.

🥂 to human nature!

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