In search of truth

If there is one scary word in English, that is Truth!

It is hard, bitter and non-ego friendly but it still it resonates inside you even if you don't like it, don't want it, don't know it and don't like to even hear about it. We nod our heads silently when the truth hits us.

It is not spiritual. It is not murky. It is not elaborate.

On the contrary, it is crisp. It is sharp and It is the most practical thing I have ever seen so far in life.

To distinguish truth from everything else in words it took so much time but I realise it the instant I feel it inside.

I am not on the spiritual path.
I am not on the path of enlightenment.
I am not on the path of mastery either.

If there is one path I resonate with, it is the path of ultimate truth.

To know what is true and what is not.

It surely hurt every part of the human in me.
I feel trashed, ignorant, helpless but also feel real, invogarted and sincere.

That is how truth feels.

When I find more, I will let you know.

🥂 to truth!

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