Learning Sprints

Design never ends.
Product never ends.
Business never ends.

The irony is my job is to work with things that never ends. But I have to end it with something, else we will never ship.

How to work with things that never ends is an interesting question I pondered upon a decade ago and I found my answer.

My answer is product-project framework and sprints as a way of working. This works fabulously in a squad or triad or component or whatever system you use at work to build products. Slowly I extended all my design world frameworks (based on first principle) to all things life as well. Boy! The results were stunning.

In the current Ai era, may be you could also use one or two of my frameworks in your life and take charge without getting overwhelmed.

AI is developing at a blazing speed and it is hard to keep up with everything that is going on. Sprints help in sanity.

As a concept, sprints are simple. A short period of time with high intent and intensity. A sprint must have a start date, end date, objective, output and outcome.

Divide your life into sprints so that you can control what you want to do inside them. My sprints are usually two weeks. One week sprints gave me a lot of anxiety. Two week is sane. Three is a drag. It is your choice.

I am starting Ai learning in our club using the sprints. We did the same for books and writing as well. It gave amazing results. You may check out our YouTube to get a glimpse.

For Ai, you could also try the sprint method for your learning. We are doing it in our Ai club.

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