Learnings from Berkshire

The AI has changed the way I read and write these days. In early adoption days, scepticism>>trust.

It is important to note that, being sceptical without becoming cynical takes a lot of energy. I am in that phase with Ai now. I have been playing around with a bunch of tools. You can check out the wide variety of answers here for fun. My take is Notion Ai is far better than the rest. While Ai did not write it my way, it did give a good gist. A great starting point.

Context: I don't miss reading two shareholder letters every year. One from Jeff Bezos and another one from Warren Buffet. Their style, conviction, clarity is impeccable. I enjoy reading those letters and I learn a ton of life lessons and business lessons from them.

Latest shareholder letter from Berkshire is here.

Here is my human take on the same shareholder letter:

  1. Charlie and I are not stock-pickers; we are business-pickers. In a system that creates ever-growing pile of losers + gusher of improved goods/services (aka creative destruction), a dozen truly good decisions (one every five years) have saved Berkshire. The weeds wither away in significance as the flowers bloom.
  2. When large enterprises are being managed, both trust and rules are essential. Former is stressed more than the latter.
  3. Our results are satisfactory despite bad decisions/so-so decisions. Large doses of luck did play a role in our results. While disappointments are inevitable, our tolerance for personal misconduct is ZERO.

    I am a big fan of humility, authenticity, clarity, focus and decisiveness Charlie Munger and Warren Buffet showcase. Truly inspiring!

    🥂to learning from giants!

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