Maker Fears

Typical fears a maker is consumed by👇

Fear is an emotional response to a known or definitive threat.

Fear is inevitable. It is a healthy, powerful, primitive human emotion. Biologically your fear acts as a protection mechanism. It protects from dangers. It helps you make decisions (fight or flight).

On the other hand, Worry is a cognitive process in which the person is concerned about a potential threatening event in the future.

You might wonder then what is anxiety?
They are all closely related but the terms are not interchangeable.

Anxiety is a diffused, unpleasant and vague sense of apprehension. It is often stems from an imprecise or unknown threat. It is characterized by both fear and worry.

Anxiety, worry and fear feels alike but they are not. It is typically the context that determines the difference.

Given the hyper connected society we live in right now our stakes on social capital  is very high. To our bodies, the environment that we currently live in is extremely stressful.

For example: In reality we live in a world of abundance but our biology has not evolved from the world of scarcity yet. It is still trying to protect you from the saber-tooth tiger and it has no clue the social media likes can stress you as much as a tiger.

The secret sauce to overcome fear/worry/anxiety is to have the courage to act despite the fear (it is not the absence of fear). This is not a whishy-washy motivational quote by any stretch. That is how our neurobiology works.

In other words, the more we expose ourselves to the fear, the conditioned stimulus diminishes over a period of time. In other words you new learnings (that stems from action) strengthens new connections (semantic pathways) and weakens old connections.

On a meta level, fear of fear is the biggest fear you must overcome 🔥

🥂 to courage

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