Starting with why

Why Maker’s Guild - is a common question that hits my DM very often. 

For folks who are new, as the name indicates it is a guild for makers like you and me, rooted in action that helps you get better and belong. If there was a tagline then it would be - belonging and betterment for knowledge workers.

There are multiple communities and why one more was the next question I had to answer myself as I buy first and build next as a strategy. If someone has built something awesome then why bother build one more and fight sharing the mind space and market space. Instead I would support the awesomeness by being a part. 

The sad truth is I couldn’t find a community rooted in action.

I understand why no one attempts such communities as action is hard. When there is no action, it shows. There is no hiding and usually truth is hard hitting. It is human nature not to engage in such inconvinient behaviours 😜 

While every action has a consequence, every inaction also has a consequence. We are more used to later than the former. With former, compounding becomes a reality. With later, complacency becomes a reality. 

I personally needed a community to keep me accountable for holistic well-being as a maker and discuss thoughts as we progress together. I missed it. I searched for spaces that will help me with continuous improvement. None existed or exists as a no nonsense, just action oriented spaces. So I decided to create one. 

First I started it as my smart circle which will keep me going. Slowly I discovered everyone wanted a circle like this. We made it a paid circle. I saw payment brought a sense of exclusivity and eliteness. It became a status game and not an action game. So we removed the payment, then we attracted all sorts of people including folks who are not tuned in. It became a noisy space. We used systems to cut the noise. Then it became a silent space. By tweaking and tweaking further, we arrived at a sweet spot. 

Today we have that sweet spot of action, accountability, betterment and belonging. Honestly, It takes a lot of work to keep this garden clean. 

It is not for profit. It is free. It is high value. It demands accountability from you. You must act else you will not reap any benefits. There are no silver bullets. In a nutshell it is a no nonsense maker community rooted in everyday growth skills like reading books, writing ideas, articulating ideas via voice, learning and synthesising ideas from around. 

As professionals, we all have full time jobs and it is hard to make time for all the above. With a community it gets easier. Can’t we do more? Absolutely yes. We can do more. Without able leaders we will not take up more as the member experience will suffer. 

Do less but better. Do less but more impact on self. Do less but high ROI. This has been the foundation of the guild. 

When the members use it they grow. Below are some new year wishes which are a lot more than new year wishes 🫶

You can join the guild here:

If you are super lazy like me, use this to join right away:

🥂to guild!

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