I am super pleased by my smart Ai assistants. I didn't wink a moment to pay for them. They make my life so much easier, better and faster. But they also do something else to me which is usually not a credit we give to Ai. They make me a better thinker.

They push me hard to think deeper to ask better questions. It is exciting to work with systems that are diligent, fast and always learning. I am loving this experience.

Think about it. To ask better questions, I must niche down on what I am searching and seeking. I must have clarity before to my smart assistants. Gin is Gout. The G can be garbage or gold. Now I do enough research, formulate my questions, dig deeper into the nuances and then I fire up my assistants. I did an entire segmentation research report in less than one pomodoro. That would typically take me 200 hours a minimum otherwise. Now I have better questions to ponder upon. The secret sauce is, I must do the work, before giving work to my Ai like how we delegate to our people. Except that, this is so much better than working with humans πŸ˜‰

Onwards and Upwards with Ai πŸ‘Š

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