We don't care about how things work. We care about how things work for us.

We do this to our own bodies and minds. We do this to people around us. We do this to our own habitat. That sounds harsh and even evil to some extent isn't it? When I explored behavioural psychology a lot of answers popped. It is a feature of being human and not a bug.

We don't care about tools. We care about how tools help us. I hated that part of me but hey, that is how we are made.

We value value. We want to extract value. We want to make the best out of every context out there. That is us.

No wonder we are super interested in hacking. Hacking is a way of making things work for us. Whether it is security hacking or bio hacking or neurohacking, it is all about finding ways to make things work for us even when things are not so obvious. We find shortcuts. We find ways.

Here are 5 ways in which you can hack your brain for greater ROI

  1. Inculcate habits.
    Have as many habits as possible. Good ones obviously. It makes a part of your life automatic. Automaticity and unconsciousness saves energy and uses less of your brain. This way you can use your consciousness, capabilities and capacity for important things in life.

    Don't waste it on mundane stuff like what to eat, what to wear, when to walk etc.
  2. We are a chemical soup.
    Our body's biochemistry determines how we feel. Know about these chemicals (neurotransmitters and hormones) and use them to tame your body better.

    For eg: Take control of your negative emotions, if you don't. your brain gets busy in controlling these negative feelings. A lot of mental energy is spent in this direction leaving nothing much to perform other activities. The one who controls emotions perform better. Peak performers do have negative emotions. It is just that they tame them optimally and think clearly. Don't fall a prey to this energy guzzler.
  3. Boredom is human.
    You brain gets bored with same old things. Feed something novel and challenging everyday. It gets busy learning new thing and is in excited state most times. Exploring new terrains and learning new things gives a full brain workout that it perform at its best everyday. Continuous learning also reduces your cognitive decline. What you don't use gets rusted. This is true for your body and brain as well.
  4. Know thy systems.
    Your body is made a certain way. It is a combination of number of systems (11 systems to be precise). Knowing how the system works helps you use the system better. Work with your body and not against it.
  5. Peak your performance.
    Peak performance is a result of a symphony between 3 neurotransmitters. To get to this state, orchestrate your elements of joy, focus and challenge. You'll flow at all times.

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