Onboarding @ SF

Today completes my week 2 at Salesforce 😍

It doesn’t feel like I am only 10 days old in the org. It feels like I am brewed here for a long time. I am already hitting the ground running at full velocity. Usually these things take about 30-45 days in an org. 

Here are a few learnings and reflections from my tiny 10 days that any org of any size can steal from the pages of Salesforce

  1. Your first week is called DSF week. It is all about discovering salesforce. Onboarding sessions are organised for the first 4 days by employee success team. They cover from vision, culture & values, business basics, high performance culture, product basics, new leader orientation and more. 
  2. They understand it can be overwhelming so a map is given as a checklist that helps you move from one item to other with details. 
  3. You get your laptop and mobile loaded and you hit the ground running. You already have a number of messages in your slack that welcomes you 🫶
  4. From access to the building, getting a food card for free coffees and lunches all the way to setting up your insurance and payroll with UAN, everything is guided. 
  5. Above all this, depending upon the cloud/team you are a part of, you go through functional onboarding specific to your area. Again an organised checklist is provided. 
  6. The LMS is top notch and all things you want to learn about is available in one place. It is addictive (and gamified). This gives you a kick to know about all the products that you have in the ecosystem. 
  7. Your manager makes time almost on a daily basis to check on you and discuss with you. 
  8. Your triad leaders and function leaders get in touch with you and welcome you into the product world. They send you kickstarting decks and latest release plans etc. 
  9. There is a company level clarity and structure to what we want to achieve in the year which is kept super transparent for everyone. Followed by set release dates that helps in working backwards across the clouds. That makes it super easy for anyone getting started. While there are cloud specific nuances, the overarching structure is a saviour. 
  10. Everyone around is driven, action oriented and excited by the everyday work and that is a sight not to miss. Atleast my teams are that way, I am not sure about other teams. Absolute autonomy and ownership of work is a hallmark. 

Slowly the onboarding is trickling from week 1 to week 2 to month 1 and the onboarding success teams are working round the clock to make sure new joiners feel absolutely comfortable with everything. I can’t wait to see how my 30-60-90 unfolds from here on. 

We spend a big part of our adult life in a workplace and when it is a joy to be in a place that cares about you, it makes it totally worth it. Blessed to be a part of the design org Saloni Borar Kristen House Jason Winters Kat Holmes 🤩

Onwards and upwards 🚀

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