Org Speaking

Public speaking and Organization speaking are two deferent things.

The context is different. The audience are different. Their relatability to the topic is different. Their expectations are different. Their habits are different.

While there are so many differences, a few pointers can help you ace both. Here are some reflections by doing both.

1/ In public speaking audience look for your perspective and how it relates to them. A high level view and a few pointers that are actionable with a dash of wit, humour and amazing storytelling goes a long way in public speaking.

Where as in an organization, the under current is high and everyone is chasing their goals. They are focused. Anything that is not in their agenda is not interesting. Information overload is real. Impatience is also real. What they want to see is the current problems in the context, your point of view, what actions you are taking and what help you need. A little humour, dash of storytelling, crafted slides will highlight you in the org as a breathe of fresh air because no one has time for all this.

2/ In public speaking, slides are used as a visual tool. Storytelling telling is key.

In organization, slides are used as context setting tool. They are usually dense and voluminous by nature.

Could we make it more consumable? - absolutely yes 🤷‍♀️ But the intent is different. Visualisation skills is key. Storytelling concepts help you present better and that is a bonus.

3/ In public speaking you get “t” minutes to set the context, share the problems, your pov and actionable tips. There is no preread or prerequisite. In organization meetings you have the liberty of pre-reads that help you set the context prior. Compared to sliduments, a memo is a great way to share the nuances upfront.

Frameworks like SCIPAB (credit: mandel communications) can help get a crisp content out.

I use to mix public speaking with organization speaking. I learnt the nuances on the go by observing the differences and especially the why gave me empathy to make use of the time better for everyone in the room. These days I send a 5 min pre-watch along with a detailed memo before the meeting to make the most of the meeting. Pre preparations help get alignment faster than usual. Your thoroughness (aka care) is also appreciated.

If you are trying to ace organization skills and going for public speaking courses, you are barking at the wrong tree.

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