Perfect Practice

Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect. - Vince Lombardi

That hit me hard when I read it a decade ago. Doing right things and things right repeatedly matters.

Find those few things you want to repeat forever in your life. Then you become superhuman by habit.

Here are a few practices I would do for a lifetime

1/ Inducing boredom in my life in the form of routines. Allocating time to do the same things again and again. Sleep at same time. Wake up at same time. Walk at same time. Eat at same time. Eat fruits and veggies every single day. Work at same time. Clean at same time. Etc.

2/ Without boredom there is no creativity. When creativity flows, I will push everything aside and receive it with grace every single time. That thought in shower. That idea in morning pages. That to do item that popped. That urge to write about the big idea. Etc. Knowing that we are at the mercy of creativity and not the other way around had a profound impact on my ways of working.

3/ Taking the middle path and staying away from extremes in everything. These are recent changes in me and I am loving it. I use to think balance is for losers but now I changed my mind that balance is for wise ones. Balance is hard. It needs awareness and calmness to execute. All misery stems from an unbalanced mind.

4/ Being the master of the present moment and striving to create an amazing future every single moment. No time to think about the past or worry about the future. Treating vortex as a time waster has helped me immensely.

5/ Bringing awareness to the ticking clock every moment anchors me. Reflecting often as time rolls keeps me grounded.

6/ Give a commitment and then start work. Conscientiousness runs on promises. Promises to self and others.

7/ Read everyday for atleast 25 mins. Write everyday for atleast 25 mins. No excuses.

8/ Spend time with self intentionally every day. Listening, observing, caring and giving good will to self and share the harmony with all beings around.

9/ Reminding myself, this moment is inevitable and everything will change keeps me sane, receptive and focused.

10/ Staying with first principles so that I can stay with truth at all times. At a meta level practicing all the above perfectly has helped in exponential inner growth. I guess that is all that matters at the end of the day.

🥂 to perfect practice!

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