I happened to hangout in a clubhouse room (Happy millionaires) yesterday afternoon where a bunch of millionaires spoke about happiness. I got tuned in, as Naval was sharing his perspective about happiness and money.

P.S: If you haven't read his famous tweet thread, how to get rich (without getting lucky), do it now. If this hooks you, then you can read the book for more perspectives. If you don't have time for it, here is a 7 min book review I made a few weeks ago. Not so regular with book reviews but this one just shook me from within.

If your mind is expanded by these perspectives, then you will be interested in this idea of procrastination.

Naval said, mentorship is procrastination.

I was like 😳. Am I helping people to procrastinate? It just caught me off guard.

The idea gave me a jolt and I hardly slept last nite thinking about it. Probably some synapses happened and I woke up with amazing clarity today morning. As I poured it into my morning pages, I thought I will share this nugget with you today.

Procrastination = Inaction

We justify the inaction in many ways. We join a gym. We take mentorship. We spend hours and hours in coaching. We find many reasons not to act. We tell stories to ourselves that we are trying.

Think about this,

Imagine if we used all the time we spent on reading about nutrition on cooking nutritious meals or eating nutritious food?

Imagine if we used all the time wondering about workout by actually working out?

Imagine if we used all the time and money we spent on buying books and courses on actually putting the learnings into action?

Imagine all the time we used to watch videos on youtube on self improvement into actually improving our self?

The list goes on.

We try to justify our inaction using many words and many actions. We give ourselves amazing narratives aka lies to make us feel good that we are TRYING. This lie to self is making ourselves trust us lesser. The more we showed in action by doing and not trying, we will start believing in ourselves more.

Except the things that will move the needle for us, we try and move on so many different directions.

So the epiphany I had is.

Shut up and just do

Here is a 3 step process to move you quickly into action

  1. Put down things that you want to do and you haven't done yet. The list might include, get to a better shape, read more books, watch less netflix etc.
  2. Take one thing from that list. Break it down as an atom. Now start doing it for 10 mins.

    If you want to get to a better shape, go out for a walk/jog now. If you want to stop netflix, turn it off now for next 10 mins atleast (you can turn it on again if you feel like). If you want to read a book, just pick up and read the book for 10 mins now.
  3. Repeat the above 2 steps throughout the day.

Just do. Stop wasting your time reading such rad shit on the internet, including this one.

Go and do now. Keep a timer for 10 mins and start.

🥂 to action!

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