Product Success Principles

First principles are timeless. Even in the era of AI, they stay true.

1. Product Success = Solves customer desirability AND Builds your business
2. Users are choosers. Either they choose you or they don't.
3. User Experience bar is set by the industry not by your company.
4. A product is built by a collective (99% of the time). A singleton super hero is rare.
5. User research helps you understand your users/buyers/brokers. If you say no to user research, you are saying no to understanding your customers.
6. Customers exchange value with business when business exchanges value with customers. It is if then equation.
7. Alignment, Enrolment, Strategy, Investment is a business problem and not a user problem. Users don't care about your business problems.
8. Delightful >> Usable >> Reliable >> Durable >> Functional. Customers always choose the high bar.
9. Data depicts the past. Imagination depicts the future. Imagineering marries both.
10. Value thinking first, Value creation next and Value execution last. Users only see the execution part and they don't care about your thinking and creation.

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