Protect Ideas

Protect your ideas.
Don’t kill them even before they are born.

You might wonder, how to protect your ideas. Before we jump in, let’s first understand what is an idea?

An idea is nothing but a thought that has some form and shape. In its infancy, the form and shape of the idea is hazy. That is why it needs some protection.

Here are some ways I protect my ideas so that they can become concepts and products later.

  1. As a first step, write about the idea and don’t worry if the idea is worth it or not. When you write in full sentences, clarity emerges.  My idea log asks 5 simple questions
  • what is the idea and if I write a tweet how will that sound?
  • when it fully develops what gains it can give for a human and larger humanity?
  • who has already given shape to this idea
  • who is that one person for whom this idea will be beneficial right away.
  • what does thinking big mean to this idea?

2. Share the idea with 3 friends who may care about it. Ask what they think. See if anyone wants to talk more about it with you. That is a signal that it has captured attention.

3. Till the idea crystallises in your head, heart and hands, do not share it with your opinionated friends. I mean it. In the name of pre-mortem they kill your confidence and the idea. Go to them once the idea is a little rooted inside you.

4. Give a tag to this idea. For example #readytocook South Indian dishes. The tag lingers for a long period. Even if the idea does not get enough traction now, the tag helps you keep it alive.

5. Hope you have your smart-circle, if not form one(remember you are made by the people around you).

You + 4 folks who are smarter than you. Have a monthly meet up (preferably mornings) and discuss your top two ideas of the month and see if one of the four wants to co-found/invest in your idea. To me this is a strong signal that the idea is worth it.

6. Last but not least, check if this idea falls in your circle of competence. If not see if you can fund the idea as a sponsor or investor. If both doesn’t work shelve it in the idea book with a note around why the idea is shelved.

Developing an idea is a process. Many idea die even before they are born.

Yes, ideas are dime a dozen. If you can’t even spend a little time in developing the idea, how are you going to spend insane energy in executing it?

Ideas keep you active cognitively. They help you think beyond your comfort zone.

Ideation is always not about utility. It is to keep the creativity in us alive.

🥂 to ideas!

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