If you want to skyrocket your curiosity you just need to do this one thing.

In my view, the most scariest thing in the world for me (and I guess most creatives) is a blank canvas. Whenever I am scared I am reminded of some cool sounding words that make me feel better. Words like creative struggle, creative block do the magic. They make me feel less guilty for being stuck and not doing a thing for hours together. What a lovely excuse.  These lies soothe me.

I didn't know these words were lies till I took a deep dive into neuroscience. I realised there is nothing called as a block for the brain 🤷‍♀️ In a frenzy to figure out the truth, I went ahead and spent a lot of time with a blank canvas. I spent weeks and months understanding the neuroscience behind the blank canvas. I was particularly curious about what happens inside our minds when we are stuck.The greed was to know what is the super power that can get me unstuck on demand. After spending a ton of time, I finally found my answer. Phew!

The answer is a simple word.


If there is something called as a Pareto of curiosity it is the questions. This one thing gets me unstuck instantly.

Questions are a fuel to curiosity.

When we are inquisitive the first thing we ask is a question and if you notice it is typically a WHY question. What and how comes later.

The why helps you unstuck and drags you into a deep rabbit hole. The day we stopped getting dragged into this rabbit hole our curiosity also stopped. It happens when we become adults incidentally.

As a child we ask about 300+ questions everyday. As an adult we hardly any questions. Most days it is ZERO.

May be it is our education system or societal conformity or fear of feeling stupid or whatever, we stop asking questions. The day this happens our curiosity dies.

To kindle the curiosity, all we need to ask is a wondrous question 🤩

A beautiful question is an ambitious yet actionable question that can begin to shift the way we perceive or think about something — and that might serve as a catalyst to bring about change. - Warren Berger

Just try this for one week and your curiosity will skyrocket in front of your eyes.

Make sure everyday you ask about 30 questions for 7 days in a row. Reflect at the end of the day (in your journal) and see how you feel inside. I bet things will change inside. I will not be surprised if you have a few sleepless nights.

Kindle your curiosity on-demand now. You have the needed super power inside you. What are you waiting for? Shoot your questions.

🥂 to questions!

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