Rabbit Holing

Rabbit holing is a skill (I made up that word), and in our current era, it is a non-negotiable one.

The ability to start from one topic and ultimately lead to a whole new perspective on the same subject matter is a superpower. This skill is needed now more than ever because AI is great at answering your prompts but not so great at generating prompts for your context. You know your context best. If you are curious enough to ask better questions, then you can harness AI to its maximum potential.

They say we only use 7% of a smartphone's capacity despite having this amazing tool with us 24/7. I fear that we may end up in the same place with AI.

I conducted a couple of experiments in the past week, and I am convinced that AI is the smartest companion you can ever get. If you are not smart enough, you will become irrelevant and redundant.

Check out the results for yourself in the first link and everything you see in the links took less than 60 minutes in total.

PM Jumpstart:https://karthi-s.notion.site/PM-Jumpstart-326901847b7a46eca20b946cd6895ad5

Storytelling Jumpstart:https://karthi-s.notion.site/Storytelling-Jumpstart-6299ca1e398144c89185d9a79521b4d4

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