Robotic Productivity


I couldn't wait for the day to end to say this...

I had to listen to a Ted talk and pull out some key stats from it. I didn't have much time between meetings, so I put my Ai minion to work.

1/ I identified the talk from the sea of talks and got the YouTube link.
2/ Took the link to YouTube transcription, got the transcript in 2 seconds.
3/ Pulled the transcript into my Notion Ai and asked it to summarize.
4/ It gave a decent summary but I wanted just the facts and figures from the talk.
5/ I asked the Ai to give me just that and it has spit out in literally 1 second.

Now I have the entire stat in front of me. What would have taken me 4 weeks, I am going to send by tonight with facts and figures.

I feel like telling my boss, bring it on now πŸ˜‰

Ai is your Ally is my vibe today πŸ‘Š

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