Sapiens, a new class

These days startups are classified as Unicorns (one billion in valuation), Donkeys (one million a year in ARR by solopreneurs) and Cockroaches (sustainable whatsoever).

There is one more category in my experience.

People who prioritise freedom over everything else.

Here are some characteristics of freedom freaks 👇

- They love what they do and they do only what they love.
- They are hyper owners. They give it all to what they own.
- They are contended with their lives and everything inside life (including careers).
- They are committed, hard working, consistent and longtermish in their thinking and doing.
- They prioritize self care. They brutally slay down everything that disturbs their self care.
-  They mostly run bootstrapped businesses aligned with their strengths and interests.
- They believe in just enough.
- They don’t lose their sleep over numbers.
- They have polygamous careers.
- They are curious and have polymathic tendencies.
- They diversify their portfolio. It does have many parts to it. It is hard to comprehend on a surface level.
- They believe in giving back to the fraternity.
- They prioritise sensibility.  
- They don’t make much noise. They quietly do their work and share their learnings.
- They make deliberate choices and say NO a lot.
- They are humble and grounded about their ignorance.

I call this class of founders as freedom freaks. I don’t know which animal or insect will fit that category. Probably we should call them Sapiens.

Honestly, no other living thing in the animal kingdom has the luxury of freedom a human being has ✨

🥂 to freedom!

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