Slow down to speed up

Slowing down is not my cup of tea. As a productivity nerd speed is my ally. I try and squeeze efficiency and effectiveness from every moment of my life.

Covid and lockdown taught me a few precious lessons and slowing down is one of them.

On a hind sight here are a few things I learnt by slowing down.

  1. It sounds counter intuitive but I was able to acheive more velocity by slowing down.
  2. By slowing down I was able to listen to the signal in the noisy world.
  3. By slowing down I was able to appreciate what is. I wasn't worried about the good or the bad.  What is made more sense.
  4. I could see things more clearly by slowing down.
  5. A sense of spaciousness developed when slowed down.
  6. I caught a number of my blindspots by slowing down.

Slow down to see the magic for yourself.  

🥂 to slowing down!

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