My Little Wins

Our Maker Club runs on Sprints and our first sprint for the year started 14 days ago and here are some of the little things I could do in the last 14 days.

WriteIn Club

I gave myself a pat for writing every single day in the last 14 days. All my writing is below, and I wrote everything on LinkedIn. Highlighting only long form here.

Mentor-Mentee relationship
Being Vulnerable
Community Management Playbook
Designing Designers
WIP, India
Mentor Circles
Mentorship, a nuance
Introducing Mentor Circles
Podcast with Saurabh
Everyday Vacations
Research Ops
Conflicting Clocks
Maker Club
Meta Skills
Challenging Times
Harsh Truths & Hard Things
Parkinson's Law
Reading Experiment
Jacinda Arden

That is about 5250 words that generated 1M+ impressions. Oh! It also generated 2 lakhs INR in revenue for the foundation as well. If someone told me writing helps you gain clarity and build your voice, I would have laughed at them. As subtle as it sounds, it does.

Join our writing club. It is free. It helps you have accountability, nudge and more learning. Keep pushing your boundaries that makes you a better human ✨

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