[Summary] Practical Application of Values in real life

For the past few days we explored values and different aspects of value for a human life. Today I want to share some practical tips on how to take the knowing forward and put in action every single day.

Knowing something and translating the knowing into action are two different things.

The latter is the hardest part.

1/ Start your day with a structured journal that kickstarts the day.

Ping me if you are keen to use my notion template.

2/ Declare one value that you will  focus for that day. Refer it as your highlight value.

3/ At the end of the day reflect on the various tasks of day and how the highlight value of the day is applied. If you are like me use a 5 star scale and rate how your highlight value is applied.

As a stretch goal, jot down how many values in the value map is observed for the day along with the ratings.

A consistent value map practice for three weeks sets one value at a time.

Repeat the above steps for all values in a value map. In less than 180 days your entire value map gets established with this one practice.

A lifetime worthy value map only needs 6 months of mindful practice. Good luck.

🥂 to practice!

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