Super Team Secrets

A part of team productivity series!

As a team we are gonna kill it! We are committed to deliver <this> and more.

That roar from a team is what makes a team a super team isn’t it ? But are all teams made for killing it ? Can all teams deliver awesomeness?
The answer is typically meh!

My head was buzzing with this one question when I was handed a large team:
What makes some ordinary teams extraordinary ?

Here are some of my learnings and reflections around building super teams 👇

  1. Atomic unit of every team is a team member. The quality of a team member influences the quality of a team.
  2. A team’s potential is an average of individual team member’s potential. The only way to enhance the team’s potential is to enhance the individual’s potential.
  3. The team’s maximum potential is directly proportional to every individual’s team member's max potential. The beauty is the max potential of every member is dynamic and contextual.

Bonus tip: As a leader, if you care about creating super teams, then you should care about enhancing the individual team member’s max potential every single day. As a side effect slowly the team’s max potential increases over a period of time. A super team is a side effect.

🥂 to max potential!

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