Time Boxing

A part of team productivity series!

My to do list is never ending. I know I will fail even before I start. Sigh!

Our 21st century lives are busy. A fraught place where all the mundane activities of our busy lives converge as an infinite scroll is our to-do lists. No wonder it depletes all types of energies (physical, mental, emotional etc).

Here are five ways of managing energies in the 21st century πŸ‘‡

  1. In an ever changing world, anchor yourself to a non-malleable constant like time. The reason being when everything is a variable, it gets hard to focus.
  2. Allocate a fixed unit of time for a planned activity in advance and stick to the allocation. This simple technique is referred to as Time-boxing.
  3. Unlike time-blocking, time-boxing forces you to put in strict limits to activities which otherwise would end up taking too much time.
  4. Time-boxing creates a sense of urgency by focusing all energies on the time and not on the task. Doing the right thing, allocating right time and then integrating results from the time-box to the project gives an exponential ROI.
  5. Time-box sits on the calendar which gives a relative positioning of work. It is visual, intuitive and obvious on a calendar. Also, the autonomy of calendar gives happiness at work which is otherwise robbed by constant interruptions and distractions.

Time-boxing improves how we feel (control), how much we achieve as individuals (personal productivity), and how much we achieve in the teams we work in (enhanced collaboration). Give it a try!

πŸ₯‚ to time-boxing!

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