I couldn't sleep much last night so I ended up scrolling my social feeds.

I don't know about you but my feeds are very different in the day and in the night. Typically, when the other part of the world wakes up and fires away Tweets, it is  interesting to catch up. But last night didn't feel so exciting, instead I had a lot of anxiety. My sleepless night became all the more sleepless with Web3 jargons and terminologies all over my feed.

I haven't had my time to learn more about Web3 yet and I felt fish out of water. My colleagues and coachees have expressed this feeling to me before but for the first time I felt it strongly last night. I was able to empathise the depth of anxiety they go through everyday.

In the middle of the night, I found my notebook and wrote my evening pages (journal) as I was really feeling helpless. I did some suka pranayam (technique to settle down anxiety). Slowly my breathe settled and some wisdom flowered. This is what came to me 👇

Timely topics (shiny object syndrome) robs your attention.
Timeless topics gives you focus.

Here are some of my timeless topics to anchor to:

  1. First principles
  2. Mental Models
  3. Meta learning (learning how to learn)
  4. System Design
  5. Consistency & Compounding
  6. Assimilation & Synthesis
  7. Human Systems
  8. Human Behaviours
  9. Human Performance (aka productivity)
  10. Human Nature

For next 100 years none of the above is going to change. Anchoring my focus on the timeless aspects gave me some mind space to think about timely aspects. How fascinating ⚡️

I woke up with a lot of energy today and started doing some Meta Learning on Web3.0. The weave of timely and timeless is magical 🔥

🥂 to T & T!

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