Vijayadashami is always special 🫢

Everything is done with great intention on this day.

Waking up super early, reading at-least one page of all the books kept for Saraswati Pooja the previous day (i kept my kindle and now i am beating myself up πŸ˜…), starting new projects, learning a new skill and more.

I look forward to this day with great enthusiasm. I even mindfully procrastinate new projects so that I can start on Vijayadashami πŸ™ˆ

This year I want to start a lifetime project which I have been thinking about for a long time.

I am calling it project Trupti (a Sanskrit word for satiety).

It is not about happiness. It is not about doing well. It is not about being good. It definitely is not about perfection. It is just about doing things to my Trupti.

No one can measure this aspect expect me as it is inward looking. At the end of the day I am aspiring my Trupti score to be 3 ⭐️

It is my Likert scale where I aim at Trupti (3), neither atrupti (less than 3) nor athitrupti (aiming at 5).

Everything I do from now on, I aim at doing with great intention, enough intensity and good consistency.

When we play infinite games like life, Trupti score is a better way to measure life than perfection.

There will be ups and downs. Life will happen. We are not robots to keep at things the same way everyday. One day is high. The other day is low.

The priority of the day decides how we go through that day. Given the context of the day, we can feel it inside if the day is satisfying or not.

It is not about going through the day based on activities but going through the day based on how you feel with what you do/think with the passage of time that day.

If project Trupti entices you, start yours today.

the simple rules of the project are

  • Every morning set the intention for the day.
  • Every evening measure your Trupti score in a 5 star scale.
  • Write your reflections based on how the day went.

This should not take you more than 5 mins in the morning and 5 mins in the evening. Just by focusing on one measurement, you will enhance the Trupti of your overall life. Simplicity wins.

Happy Vijayadashami 🫢

πŸ₯‚ to Trupti!

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