5 tools to find your virtual voice

Today's guest session by Caroline Goyder at #MVV on voice coaching got me excited. While waiting for the session, I was curious to know more about human voice and voice coaching.

I ended up spending the day digging this rabbit hole. I didn't know the way we breathe can change our voice. By harnessing mind-body-breathe connection, we could define our voice and express better 🤯

I became more consious about my voice and related breathing throughout the day. I respected my diaphragm today more than any other day.

Given our current remote working scenario, I was particularly interested in virtual voice aspects.

Here are five tools to harness our virtual voice:

  1. To have a confident and clear voice in a virtual meeting, stand up and then speak. The standing position exudes more energy than slumped over seated positions. The rationale is we breathe better when our spine is straight.
  2. In a virtual meeting whether your camera is on or off, use your hands while speaking. It radiates so much more energy than otherwise.
  3. Talk through the screen and not to the screen. Even in a virtual meeting, imagine a large room and talk to the last row of the room. This helps in alignment of body posture which naturally makes the voice better.
  4. Do not use decks in a virtual meeting as much as possible. Use physical props if possible to communicate ideas. It brings novelty and engagement to the audience.
  5. It is hard to read a virtual room. That makes it hard to connect with audience. The best first step is to be visible. When the audience can see you while speaking they connect better.

My biggest take away today is to own and play with the virtual medium. With a confident and authentic voice, even virtual mediums can be playful and enjoyable.

🥂 to your voice!

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