What next?

So, what next?

My DMs are filled with this question from yesterday.

Well, there are some projects you do for an external outcome but there are some you do for internal outcome. DesignU is one such project that I did just for myself and my internal curiosities. I call it my curious midlife crisis.

As I crossed 15000 days of living, I had deep questions like who am I? what is life? Is this all? You have a career, you have some wealth, two kids, married is that all? What is the purpose of this life? Why am I born? Is this checklist all? blah blah blah. Those questions took me into a rabbit hole and it is 6 years and counting.

I can comfortably say that a project that had most impact on my life is DesignU. I kept all this to myself and continued to tweak my systems and perceptions as I had no reason to share outside me.

In a casual coffee or a serious sos discussion, the same existential questions came to me from my friends, students, family etc. I shared my clarity in some instances. I shared my systems as an antidote for the pain they are going through to some. It worked wonders for those who put in the necessary work. It didn’t work for those who just listened and did nothing about it.

Still largely the entire DesignU still stayed inside me to a point when questions like how do you do so many things? Do you even sleep? How could you be so consistent? I thought corporate will silence you but you are still ON than most of us? etc These days my answer has become just a smile.

A few months ago, I designed an 8-week program called mentor circles and I shared 10% of DesignU with the gang and I saw their being transform in front of my eyes. I also saw that some desire to know but do not have enough desire to transform themselves.

But the ones who transformed gave me a spark that I must put this out in whatever form I can so that it can help more folks who are in the journey. I hesitated to react on the request as it will need more of my energy and time which I don’t have right now.

When I shared this, I got a boomerang from the tribe using Rick Rubin’s words: do what you can with what you have with no excuses🙈 I took almost 4 weeks to process it and finally decided to do something about it.

I have cleared up a few priorities and pet projects so that I can give some form and shape to DesignU aka life design in the next 8 months part time. It needs that kind of time to sculpt something. I don’t know what form and shape it will take. We will figure it out on the go. So that’s next 🙌

🥂to life design!

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