Where to Begin

I was determined to crush a book (and a review) week after week. This week was a true test to my consistency. This week was really tight with too many scheduled work and I couldn't make time to read. I also started my new diet (OMAD) last week and that made me extremely tired + sleepy.

But I was still determined to crush one book this week. I gave myself permission to read something that is soothing and caring. I picked up Cleo Wade's "Where to Begin" and boy! what a healing read it was.

Did I tell you, Cleo Wade has been my secret bed-side therapist for 4 years now πŸ™ˆ She is cheap (1000 bucks for a lifetime), crisp, clear and above all loving.

When I am down, I read Wade.
What I have no energy to keep going , I read Wade.
When I am overwhelemed, I read Wade.
When I am frustrated, I read Wade.
When I care about myself, I read Wade.

I read Wade, once a month atleast.

The question that made me read the book this time: "How do you stay sane when it feels like our world gets crazier and crazier?"

Here are some golden nuggets I learned from the book πŸ‘‡

  1. Your big life is made up of a collection of all your small moments.
  2. Our big world is made up of a collection of all our small actions.
  3. Building a beloved community is a lifelong journey, one that requires tools for stamina and self-care.
  4. Be good to as many people as possible.
  5. When our intention is to have a healing conversation, our energy is generally a little softer and less judgemental.
  6. Silence doesn't change the world. It changes us. It shrinks us. It takes our stories and feelings away. Speak up because I know tha pain of being silent.
  7. We tell the world who we are instead of letting the world tell us who we should be.
  8. There is not a single conversation that kindness cannot make infinitely better.
  9. My boundaries have helped me to see that there is absolutely no person or a social media account that is worth making me feel bad about myself.
  10. Breathe, because when I breathe, I am reminded that I am alive.

I was about to write the review. Before that I had to spend some time, energy and I typed up the poem all by myself. I have decided to read it once, every morning. If this doesn't heal you, nothing else in this world will ✨

Cleo Wade's Poem & TED Talk

πŸ₯‚ to goodness!

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