WTF is values and why should you care about it?

We have been exploring personal values this week. So far we have discussed Value Map and what is not values in this weekly series. Today we will wonder why should we care about our personal values.

Values are all about how you want to conduct yourself in the world and not how the world wants you to work. Beware, enculturation might push you into ideals and take you away from your values.

Values help you become YOU.

They act as a guiding structure and ensure you live YOU everyday. You will live more you and less someone else. Values will help you figure out what you care about and most importantly what you don't care about. This honesty is of utmost importance for your focus and priorities.

After I published my value map in social media, a couple of friends asked, so do you't care about non-violence, you don't care about human rights and stuff like that? That question made me think deeply about what matters to me honestly?

Yes I do care about non-violence and I support all lives matter movement. I do care about human rights. I support all things human freedom like LGBTQ. But in all honesty I am not spending many hours of my day caring about these issues. There are a few wonderful souls who do it with all their heart and soul. I am not one of them.

I spend my time in crafting me. I am busy keeping me in permanent beta mode. I believe self care is the biggest favour I can do to planet earth. If I care about myself I will stay as a joyful and happy human being. I truly believe I will be less depressed and less anxious. Self care matters to me and I feel it must matter to everyone.

The entire value map of mine, circles around my integrity towards things I care about and living them. Having a wish list is different from living the wish list. The value map percolates into my life every day. Here is a simple example:

Every night my reflection journal asks these questions to me.

  • Did you waste time today?
  • Did you stay grounded in reality?
  • Did you learn something new today?
  • Did you care about yourself?
  • Did you abuse your body or mind today?
  • Did you keep up all promises today?
  • Did you live a joyful day?
  • etc

Being answerable to these questions everyday compounds life into a more meaningful life. Not everyday I am able to answer all the questions. Most days are 3 star days and 2 start days but 2 days in a week end up as 5 star days. That is better than having zero 5 star days.

Your values can act as a guiding structure and take you in the path of meaning and purpose that matters to you.

Start with you and that is the biggest favour you will do to yourself. You will be one less miserable being on this planet if you have your value map in place.

Imagine if we all lived by our guiding structures?

🥂 to guiding structures!

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