Writing to Connect

Writing to connect is a mindset.

I stumbled upon it serendipitously in 2018 after an awkward networking experience at a large design conference. I froze and didn’t know whom to connect with or what to say. As a person, I take a lot of time to connect with fellow human beings, so speed networking is not my thing. After three days of not knowing what to do, I started writing my perspectives on LinkedIn in 2018. I showed up consistently and didn't care about numbers like reach and engagement.

I wrote what I felt deep inside me. Slowly, people who resonated with what I wrote started liking and commenting. They took the first step to DM me, and some asked for virtual meetings while others asked for in-person coffees.

Looking back, I have written almost 400,000 words and connected with 25000+ people. The caffeine content in my blood will tell you how many coffees I had. I made some lifetime friends from there.

Writing to connect is the main effect, but it has also given multiple side effects. Today, my network is worth more than my net worth. A sense of purpose, responsibility, and belonging has been bestowed upon me.

Writing to connect has helped me grow as a better person. I couldn't BS things to a super smart crowd. It made me mindful of what I say and how I say it. We have had amazing arguments, debates, disagreements, and agreements on this platform. Every comment has helped me learn something new, and my learnings have compounded over time. If this can happen in just 5 years, imagine what could happen in decades.

Writing has multiple connotations. It is associated with being a writer, author, or intellectual. It can be scary to put yourself out there, but writing can also be a tool to be true to yourself. With ChatGPT and Notion AI, writing well has become easy. Write to connect. You have no idea what it can do for you.

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