Your POV

Writing for thinking is different from writing for clarity is different from writing for influence is different from writing for consumption. It is all writing but the intent behind the writing is different.

While tools like ChatGPT, Notion Ai, and other AI tools can help improve your writing, simplify or summarize, the perspective behind the writing is still yours.

The more unique and distinct your perspective is, the better your writing will be. Your point of view is what distinguishes your content from generic AI-generated content.

Here are some tips to help you stand out with your point of view:

  1. You are a unique special edition. There is no one like you. Despite the fact that many people may have already said what you want to say, it will still be unique when you say it in your voice and in your own way. What matters to you and what you feel strongly about will be expressed.
  2. You may have formed pieces of your point of view from multiple sources (books, YouTube, podcasts, etc.), but the whole is uniquely yours. It may seem like a remix, but if we can't figure out the ingredients, it is an original recipe.
  3. Authenticity is key. When you speak from the bottom of your heart, it resonates with people and makes your perspective more compelling.
  4. Communicating crisply is not easy. Writing with an eraser is the toughest job out there. Articulate your point of view in a succinct way, and back it up with evidence (anecdotes, results, experiences).
  5. Building a reputation for having a unique point of view takes time and consistency. Over time, your voice will gain influence and reputation if it makes sense.

What matters is your unique point of view. With the help of AI, everything else can be improved. In this era of AI, your ability to stand out depends on your ability to express your perspectives, something that AI cannot and will never be able to do. The future workplace needs you for that.

🥂 to POV!

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