Starring at a blank screen is hard. Ai has eased the hardness these days. For example: I had to collect a lot of data from internet for a report i am writing at work and most of the heavy lifting was done by Ai. It is not perfect but a pretty good starter.

These days my shitty first drafts are Ai generated. I spent one-tenth of my time to edit the Ai drafts for betterment. This has saved me 100s of hours already.

As I play around with stuff, I am also jotting down the use cases that are not quite there yet but are user needs. Happy to share the use cases if anyone is working on Ai co-pilot.

As a user my needs are only getting fancier with Ai and there is no better way to “contextual inquiry” the needs as we play around.

I already see that, our research methods to figure out desirability (formative/generative/validative) is gonna be very different from what I have tried before. Super excited for what is ahead of us.

Honestly, i guess we must buckle up as designers and pay detailed attention to understanding customer needs more closely now than ever before.

That is 2000 words done in 20 seconds 🤯

We have more better things to do now folks 🙌

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