Day 1 @ SF

First impressions last forever.

My first day at Salesforce was fabulous. Warm welcome IRL and virtual filled my heart with gratitude. Thank you everyone for making it very special 🫶 

As a designer I do judge a book by its cover unapologetically. Any product or service or org, I am quick to audit OOBE (out of the box experiences) as deep inside me I know that the human in us stores some of these experiences like a line on a rock and some as line on a beach and some as line on water. Reflective perception is a line on rock and so are first impressions. 

I still remember my first experience when I moved to Singapore in 2006. I was skeptical about the new geography, new culture, new government, new systems and all things new that comes with a move. As an impression we are told it is a strict country. They fine you if you spit on road or eat chewing gums etc 😜 

I had my own hold backs and doubts but the Singapore government surprised me in every way possible. 

Changi airport was my first love. I could clear the queue in literally seconds. I got my NRIC (PR) in 13 days. My mother could stay with me for 5 years and no questions asked. Thanks to long term visas. IRS was spot on. The public transport was so amazing that I never desired a car (well that changed after a baby). The government offices were so efficient and effective. After a 7 year stint when I left the country and surrendered my PR, they just finished processing a bulk check in less than 3 mins. It just felt wow 🤩 

Today at Salesforce I had a similar wow experience. The employee experience team was so structured and systematic. They made sure our calendars are updated one week before. We filled most details in the HRM even before joining. 

Everything an employee might have as questions was answered automatically. Laptop beautifully packed in a new joiners kit. Places to collect badges and mobile phones was amazing. All our badges are kept in covers sealed with dates on them. To not bother with the privacy everyone is served an office phone with the software loaded. Felt like a wow 🤩 

I am super impressed with the taste and thoughtfulness with which the office is built inside out. The office had enough meeting rooms of all sizes, social lounges and amazing coffees brewing all the time. 

After leaving coffee for almost a month now, today I thought my resolve might be tested hard. I survived the aroma and still didn’t touch the ☕️ ftw 🙌 

🥂to great times ahead

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