Reflective Convergence

After three weeks of emotional upheaval of loss, grief and life, I am slowly getting back to normalcy. My strategy of mind numbing busyness worked this time. It helped me in ways I can't imagine. Slowly, I am getting back to my daily journals. I started writing my morning and evening pages and boy, it is pouring! I am not able to contain it in just one A4 sheet 🙈

I pulled out some controversial and counter intutitive learnings that reflection taught me via experience. I still don't know what to call them.

  1. Learning does not happen while learning. Learning happens only in reflection.  Reflect often. No school teaches you this lesson. The irony is you learn this lesson only in reflection.

    The secret of learning lies in reflection and not in learning.
  2. The goal of a goal is to narrow down your choices in front of you and save you from choice fatigue. It is not about destination or a finish line. The moment you understand this, you will use your goals differently.

    Choose your goals wisely. They will determine consequences of your chocie making.
  3. There is no career per se. You flow with your interests. On the way, you pick projects to learn more about your interests. Sometimes you even get paid for it (called a remuneration). The main effect of this exploration is learning and becoming a better individual. The side effect is a pay check, brand building, title, responsibilities and more.

    Your career is a sum of projects you choose to do.
  4. There is no good or bad, right or wrong, black or white. It takes a lot of see everything as is without judgements and opinions.

    Everything exists and that is all.
  5. Freedom is all about fighting the human system limitations. We have some by default and we added some to our lives in the name of society, survival. Go above and beyond the limitations to explore the world inside you.

    Freedom is acceptance.

🥂 to life!

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