Waking up the right way

My crazy 100 hour work week(s) this year made me realise few things about waking up the right way. I didn't have any other choice other than to wake up and be my best possible self irrespective of when I slept or how much I slept. I couldn't enter some important meetings in drowsiness or grogginess at 4 AM or 5 AM. The choice was simply not available. This necessity made me do a few things right and this series is a reflection of those neuro hacks.

Whether you are morning person or a night owl, you have to start the day at some point and hence the focus on waking up the right way. The neuro hacks discussed in this mini series will help you whenever you wake up. Check them out here, here and here.

Here are 3 more hacks for waking up the right way which unleashes your creative self.

  1. Writing a 500 - 1000 words morning page before you start the day works like magic for unleashing your creativity. My rationale behind this magic is, emptying the gush of your synaptic connections from the sleep in the form of written words brings in a sense of clarity and emptiness to the conscious self.
  2. Movement for 15-25 mins (one pomodoro max) gets the circulation in the system going better and that does have a positive influence on the oxygen and nutrients the brain gets. The movement makes brain pay attention.
  3. Do not check your phone or screens immediately after waking up. This sounds like a cliched advice but here is a neuro rationale. Our brain goes through different brainwave states. From delta (sleep) we move to theta (imagination and flow) as we wake up, to alpha (relaxed awareness) and finally beta (awake and alert). The screens just steal away the flow states and suck us into an infinite pool of attention seeking messages.

Just by stitching the above 6 neuro hacks together into your schedule, you could make your wake up routine for the day.

🥂 to waking up right!

P.S: Hitting send at 10:53 PM to keep up the daily accountability feels awesome. Hope I make writing to you all a part of my waking up routine and ensure I (almost) never miss a day 😜

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